Sunday, September 16, 2012

Starting from scratch & coming clean

Best things in life happens when you decided to create a new chapter in your life, where new things are essential.
Normally people come to this point, when they undergo a devastating heartbreak.
I say to you; do this when you are in the happiest days, as you see this new chapter/beginning as the most exciting best thing that happened to you, and everything will fall into the right place.

So I purposely created a new blog name; where I can start writing about the most beautiful and funny things that comes in my life. I realized that so many things in my life needs more appreciation - for I have been very selfish by not sharing to people who needs inspiration to be happy.
I have come across many blogs and majority of them were about beauty and fashion blogs, which were fine but as enlightenment on my mood during my darkest hours - not so much.
Nevertheless, coincidentally I happen to be very lucky and stumbled blogs that talked about light topics and makes your heart laugh and eternal bliss.

Over the years, I have learned a lot of things and I have grown so far ahead of what I use to be.
I do not regret any mistakes I have made in the past, to be precise I am truly grateful for all those hard times as they are all great factors that taught me a lesson in life.
I don't honestly believe that I will not make the same mistakes but I can promised that before I even make a decision I would think it through and will make wiser decisions.

Nevertheless, a better outlook = a better life.

Ever since my different perspective in life, so much good things has been happening. Before I know it, great things are just falling into places for me. I guess the main trigger to this behaviour was that I wanted to seize every moment. I wanted to challenge myself all the time. Everyday I have this perception where I wanted to do something new, because I don't want to miss out on anything.

It might seem hard to believe or understand but before you expect a good life where everything is under control you need to be grateful of everything you are and have.

I hope you guys all enjoy!

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