Sunday, September 16, 2012

The land down under...under

So recently I visited Queenstown, New Zealand - for the skiing season. I arranged my travels with SkiMax. I must say the travel arrangements they did for my friend and I; was absolutely convenient and stress free! I really love skiing and snowboarding and I knew this year I really needed to do it. So early this year I booked this holiday, you can call me early birds but it was something I needed to do to get all that discounts. 

I had a terrible flight sickness before arriving, I couldn't take my travelcam before the flight because I was actually really sick the day we flew to New Zealand. I was on antibiotics and doctor was very strict on not taking other medicine, so I did and resulted in me throwing up twice while on air.

As soon as I arrived in New Zealand the view just stunned me, I was so amazed with all of the mountain and the fresh air. It was like a postcard, everything is so beautiful!

The first few hours, Jess and I walked around Queenstown mall, looked around to see where all the famous restaurants and landmarks. We were jet lagged but that didn't stop us from walking all around. 

We stopped by cookie time as it is a New Zealand treat we are all informed to try by the locals. I was so amazed that there was an actual shop just for beautifully cooked cookies. It was one of the things
New Zealand was famous for!

It is so nice everywhere I turn my head to. I just felt like I needed to take a picture at every spot.

This is taken right outside our balcony in our apartment. What an amazing view to wake up to!

 My get up during the lord of the rings and wild river horse riding tour. So breath-taking! It is an activity that you need to do when foreigners visit New Zealand.

The best part of this trip was going on the mountains to ski and snowboard! I did everything in my power to make this snowman. I didn't realise that it was harder than it looked. Movies makes everything looks hard!

My first flop! Jess thought that I had too much kodak moments so she insisted that she takes the camera.

Skiing is not as hard as I make it to be; it just becomes hard for me to control (amateur of course) when I go too fast and I am trying to turn to the other side. Can't control it well.

Jess and I had a private bus that picks us up right outside our hotel all the time. This arrangement was a great relief because catching the public bus to the mountains was a long walk from our hotel, this means we were required to wake up earlier than normal.

The weather during our snowboarding days was very cloudy and a bit of shower. Hence the really dark weather.

 NZone Skydiving, is the time where I have embraced one of my fears. It was a really good feeling afterwards. I jumped in with a professional and a camera man to capture pictures and videos.

Never open your mouth when you skydive, you feel sick after some time. Jumping 12,000 feet was so awesome! I think it was a good choice we didn't go for 9,000 because it would have been too quick.

Below photo is after sky diving. I was trying to show Jess my favourite chess piece.

Straight after skydiving we went straight to shotover jet, I feel like the place where we did this boat tour was the same place where the Narnia river was shoot.

360 degree boat turn was the most fun part of this activity! 

After shotover jet we went to ride a helicopter with massive outfit to prepare for water rafting.

Straight after a scenic helicopter ride - we went water rafting. Very rough ride and absolutely scary.

 I just couldn't resist posing right next to a Camero, was such a nice car.

On our last night, Jess and I rode the Gondola and watched the Hakka Kiwi and had a buffet dinner afterwards. This was the only photo for the gondola we had to buy the pictures, our camera shots did not have good lighting effects.

Patagonia Chocolate Restaurant - Famous for chocolate key lime cakes... 
I didn't try as the sound of it makes my stomach curl into a ball.

This was our last day - we were strolling around the area again to enjoy and capture as much moments we can get on our last few hours. 

Boat tour few hours just before our flight back to Brisbane. We had time to kill as we needed to check out of our apartment at around 9am. Our boat is called Million Dollar Cruise, it would have been really relaxing and peaceful except there were really loud kids. It was still enjoyable.

Here's a shot of me with the airplane I wanted to get this photo as soon as I landed in Queenstown but some lady told me I can't. So I did everything in my power to get it before I leave Queenstown.

That's to summarise my trip in New Zealand. It was absolutely an AWESOME TRIP!
When I was on the plane on my way back to Brisbane I was so sad; departing was really hard, I definitely want to go back. Looking back at photos of New Zealand put a big smile on my face all the time.

I am planning my next ski trip, not too sure where. I want to plan another holiday ahead of time before they start becoming expensive.

But I honestly want to go back to New Zealand next year as well!

Anyway till next time!

Starting from scratch & coming clean

Best things in life happens when you decided to create a new chapter in your life, where new things are essential.
Normally people come to this point, when they undergo a devastating heartbreak.
I say to you; do this when you are in the happiest days, as you see this new chapter/beginning as the most exciting best thing that happened to you, and everything will fall into the right place.

So I purposely created a new blog name; where I can start writing about the most beautiful and funny things that comes in my life. I realized that so many things in my life needs more appreciation - for I have been very selfish by not sharing to people who needs inspiration to be happy.
I have come across many blogs and majority of them were about beauty and fashion blogs, which were fine but as enlightenment on my mood during my darkest hours - not so much.
Nevertheless, coincidentally I happen to be very lucky and stumbled blogs that talked about light topics and makes your heart laugh and eternal bliss.

Over the years, I have learned a lot of things and I have grown so far ahead of what I use to be.
I do not regret any mistakes I have made in the past, to be precise I am truly grateful for all those hard times as they are all great factors that taught me a lesson in life.
I don't honestly believe that I will not make the same mistakes but I can promised that before I even make a decision I would think it through and will make wiser decisions.

Nevertheless, a better outlook = a better life.

Ever since my different perspective in life, so much good things has been happening. Before I know it, great things are just falling into places for me. I guess the main trigger to this behaviour was that I wanted to seize every moment. I wanted to challenge myself all the time. Everyday I have this perception where I wanted to do something new, because I don't want to miss out on anything.

It might seem hard to believe or understand but before you expect a good life where everything is under control you need to be grateful of everything you are and have.

I hope you guys all enjoy!